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As of June 2017 there are going to be some changes in Express Entry point system. More points are going to be allocated to those who know French and have a relative in Canada. This is to boost the number of skilled immigrants to Canada.  Almost 90,000 Invitations To Apply (ITA) have been issued since the launch of the program in 2015. It’s believed this to optimize the Express Entry System to be more adaptable to a larger number of immigrants. Now knowing a second language approve by official organizations grants 24 scores to the candidates. However, it’s assumed that this point is going to rise up to 30. Furthermore, having siblings in Canada is also going to be another niche for candidates  who should share either a mother and/or a father between them or they might be an adopted sibling. Lastly, registering in Job Bank can additionally be a positive point in the Express Entry CRS, Comprehensive Ranking System for the candidate.

Post Author: Hossein Ghaffari